Sincere Dark Chocolate Spread with Almond Hazelnut 225gr

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Sincere Dark Chocolate Spread with Almond Hazelnut 225gr 0 0
Indulge yourself in the real taste of chocolate in a spread! SINCERE Foods promises a deeper flavour and rich taste, by blending organic dark cocoa with almonds and hazelnuts. Perfect as a filling for crepes or topping for pancakes; mix a dollop into fresh gelato; or spread it onto fresh bread for your new favourite breakfast. Oil separation occurs naturally - just stir back in and enjoy!

Apa yang membedakan Selai Kacang Sincere dengan selai kacang lain?

- Dry-roasted nuts instead of deep-fried
- Stone ground into smooth butter
- FREE of fillers [no added oil whatsoever]
- FREE of Preservatives & Stabilizers
- Lab analyzed for aflatoxin, heavy metal and other contaminants
- PIRT certified
- VEGAN-friendly
- Diabetic friendly

Ingredients : Organic cacao mass, organic coconut sugar, roasted almonds, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla
paste (halal), Balinese sea salt