Peachy Apple Mango and Banana Puree 100g

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Peachy Apple Mango and Banana Puree 100g 0 0
Our product is similar to traditional baby food in jar. However, this kind of pouch packaging is a new innovation and has a lot of benefits thanks to its light weight and colorful design. Older babies can even hold packaging and feed themselves and can become independent eaters more easily with this kind of product. The thinner packaging, compared to glass jars, allows for a shorter Sterilization time which reduces the loss of nutrition and taste during processing. Our ingredients are made with high quality ingredients from Thailand and New Zealand without use of preservatives, salt and sugar, made in the same way you prepare food at home for your baby.

The product can be served straight from the pouch. To warm the contents, the pouch can be placed in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Remember to always test the temperature of baby food before serving. Never put the pouch in a microwave. You can also combine Peachy with other types of foods such as boiled rice or cereal products to add a taste of real fruit and vegetables. It can be stored at room temperature. If you already opened you should consume within 2 days and refrigerate. If a baby sucked from the spout you should consume within 1 day. We do not add any sugar or salt to the products but the products contain natural sugar from the fruit and vegetable ingredients.

This all fruit recipe is enjoyed by little ones and adults alike thanks to the delicate combination of flavours. Thai Nam Wah bananas are used, ensuring this recipe is nutritious as well as tasty.

Banana 49% Apple 26% Mango 25%

All natural ingredients
No preservatives
No added salt or sugar
No gluten
No artificial flavours or colours