Paket Bionic Farm Tepung Beras 250gr

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Paket Bionic Farm Tepung Beras 250gr 2 2

Isi Paket :
Bionic Farm Tepung Organic Beras Putih 250gr AGUSTUS 2023
Bionic Farm Tepung Organic Beras Coklat 250gr JULI 2022 

Bionic Farm Tepung Peras Putih Pandan Wangi 250gr
Tepung beras putih organik yang terbuat dari beras putih organik yang wangi dan tanpa bahan tambahan lainnya. Tepung bebas gluten sebagai alternatif yang sangat baik untuk pengganti tepung gandum tradisional

ionicFarm Organic Flour is VERY HIGH IN NUTRIENTS, made from 100% grains, 100% tubers or 100% beans harvested directly from our own organic Bionic Farm, no other additive. Free from chemical fertilizer & pesticides. The produce are processed HYGIENICALLY by WASHING, ROASTING, FINE GRINDING then VACUUM PACKED to fulfill the industrial food standard.

NO INSTANT, cook over the fire.

BionicFarm Organic Flour can be used :
to make baby porridge, bread, cookies, traditional cakes, pasta, noodle, etc.


Health Benefits White Rice :
- Good source of carbohydrate & calorie
- Low in sodium; suitable for management of hypertension

Keunggulan :
Gluten free. Untuk membuat roti, kue, pastry, cookies, pasta, mie dan bubur. Ideal sebagai MPASI untuk bayi diatas 6 bulan & balita.