Organic Supply Argan Oil

Persediaan Habis
IDR 145,000.00
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With its unique composition of unsaturated fatty acids, carotenoids, plant sterols, polyphenols, ferulic acid, vitamin E and Squalene, Argan oil delivers therapeutic profile that offers regenerative and restructuring activity to all of your skin care products. This revitalizing oil improves skin's flexibility to improve skin softness while also offering anti-oxidant protection hence it is a great choice for all anti-aging and mature skin products.
Aside for skincare regime, Argan oil is fabulous at nourishing and conditioning skin, hair and nails. It can also help with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks and scarring.
Skin Suitability
Excellent for Mature & Degenerated skin

Suggested Use
As a body moisturizer, apply a few drops to the desired area and gently massage. For dry hair, place a couple drops into palm of our hand and work into hair strands.    

* Skin care emulsions 1 to 4%
* Body emulsions 2 to 10%
* Skin/body oils, salves, balms 5 to 100%
* Shampoos/Cleansers 2 to 5%

For external use only. 

Shelf Life : 6-12 months