Ladang Lima Veggie Noodle Kale 150gr

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IDR 20,000.00
Ladang Lima Veggie Noodle Kale 150gr 0 0

Veggie Noodle Ladang Lima naturally coloring by fresh vegetable, combine with natural nutrition from cassava flour without added chemical makes the noodles deliciously healthy

Ladang Lima Noodles are:
Egg Free
Source of fiber
Low fat
No preservative
No Artificial coloring


Kale or leaf cabbage are certain cultivars of cabbage (Brassica oleracea) grown for their edible leaves. A kale plant has green or purple leaves and the central leaves do not form a head (as with headed cabbages). Kales are considered to be closer to wild cabbage than most domesticated forms of Brassica oleracea.