Sincere Original Peanut Butter (Selai Kacang Tanah) 225g

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Sincere Original Peanut Butter (Selai Kacang Tanah) 225g 0 0

SINCERE Original Unsweetened Nut Butter is lovingly made from only two ingredients—dry roasted peanuts and Balinese sea salt. Unlike conventional brands, this special blend of peanuts is already naturally sweet, which is why it's perfect the way Mother Nature made it. A touch of sea salt enhances their delectable flavor, creating a rich and creamy organic peanut butter that is perfect to be enjoyed anytime of the day. Spread it onto your favorite crackers, toast, mix it to sauces, or even enjoy it straight from the jar! 

SINCERE Nut Butters are made in small batches to ensure premium quality and freshness. 

Available in 2 variants: Original Unsweetened, and Dark Chocolate

Note: Oil separation occurs naturally in the peanut butter. To slow the oil separation, just stir the jar contents, tighten the cap, and then place it in the refrigerator. 

Apa yang membedakan Selai Kacang Sincere dengan selai kacang lain?

- Tanpa Zat Kimia, Tanpa Pengawet

- Tanpa Tambahan Minyak

- Kacang DIpanggang bukan digoreng

- Vegan


Organicly-grown roasted peanuts, pink Himalayan salt