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BOLEH PILIH VARIAN, HARAP TULIS DI NOTE (selama persediaan masih ada)
-CARROT 11/2022
-EGG 11/2022
-MULTIVEGE 11/2022
-SPINACH 11/2022

USDA Certified Organic, NASAA Certified Organic, GMP & HACCP Certified, ISO 22000, JAKIM Certified Halal, For baby 7 months+
Organic BeetrootBaby Noodle is mainly made from Organic Unbleached Wheat flour and carrotn Powder. It can be consider as a healthier and nutritious choice compared to conventional noodle for health conscious community nowadays.
What's so special about Golden Noodle Organic Baby Noodle?
Golden Noodle Organic Baby Noodle are made from organic unbleached wheat flour. No bleaching agent, additives, colouring or preservatives are used. Best kept in cool dry place or if not used for months it is best refrigerated. Only the fresh ingredients are used. The texture and taste of the noodles are soft and delicious.
Baby Noodles are a great for baby moving into complementary feeding stage. It is a great chance for infants to explore the new texture to chew a new food. Baby noodles' soft texture is ideal for infants, it is one of the good selections to provide them with a source of carbohydrate and protein: essential for energy, growth and development.
Cooking Instruction
First, place the noodle into boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Next, remove noodles and rinse with cold water. Lastly, you can fry or cook noodle in your soup with your favourite ingredients. 5 servings for one pack 200g of baby noodle.