Bali Buda Organic Ghee Butter 330ml

IDR 169,000.00
Bali Buda Organic Ghee Butter 330ml 42 42

This creamy goodness combines all the benefits of ghee. It promotes healthy digestion and is a great addition to your daily diet. Spread it on toast, mix with seasoning for salad dressing, or drop a spoonful in your morning coffee - there are so many ways to reap the delicious benefits of this ghee!
It is made by simmering grass-fed butter until the lactose and casein caramelize, separate, and are then removed. The remaining ghee is lactose and casein free, with hint of caramel flavour from the cooking process.

Ingredient: Organic grass-fed unsalted butter.

Store in a cool dry place away from light and moisture. Enjoy within 3 months of opening. No refrigeration necessary.