Alteya Organics Essential Oil Pine Tree (Pinus Sylvestris) 10ml

Persediaan Habis
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Alteya Organics Essential Oil Pine Tree (Pinus Sylvestris) 10ml 0 0

exp 04/2022

With its strong fresh scent, our Bulgarian Pine Needle oil, coming from the ancient Rodopi forest and Stara Planina in Bulgaria, is energizing and uplifting.


Used as a fragrance, in aromatherapy and medicine, it relives tension, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates muscle and arthritis pain.


It acts as an expectorant to loosen congestion and helps relieve respiratory conditions.


Skincare/Cosmetic use: deodorizing, cleansing, healing/ relieves itching and irritations


Perfumery: middle note/ strong dry balsamic.

Blends well with: Lavender, Lemon balm, Thyme Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, all citrus oils


Therapeutic use: curbs appetite, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, anti-neuralgic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, deodorant, depurative, diuretic, expectorant, hypertensive, insecticidal, pectoral, restorative, stimulating/rheumatism, catarrh, coughs, sinusitis, colds/flu, sore throat, nervous tension, natural antioxidant


Organic Pine Tree Essential oil is not toxic or irritating when used in small doses.


However, it should be applied carefully on the skin, especially in large doses as it can lead to allergic reactions.


Should be avoided by epileptics, children up to 3 years old and people with individual intolerance to the oil.


If you are not sure whether you’re allergic to the oil or not, a skin patch test is advised.


Alteya Organics essentail Oils is Certified:

  • USDA Organic