Buds Organic Super Soothing Mini Pack

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Buds Organic Super Soothing Mini Pack 2 2

Eczema Care

Bebies with eczema need extremely gentle cleansing and deep moisturisation, The latest research has also shown prebiotics to be valuable to the managemenet of eczema. Our incredibly succesful Sper Shooting Cleanser and Lotion combination is now better than ever, having recently been certified organic by ECOCERET as weel as reformulated to include  these new state of the art ingredients. Wah baby with our Super Shooting Hydrating Cleanser then moisturise and protect with our Supre Shooting Rescue Lotion, and look forward to a happier more comforrtable baby.

Eczema Care Tips

  • Use warm, not hot water.
  • Keep baths short, no more than 10 minutes and once a day.
  • Pat dry, don't rub.
  • Look for organic cotton clothing for baby where possible

 With much love and best wishes, Buds team